I’m still getting used to blogging my own thoughts here. Tumblrbot is really pushy when it comes to updating. Poor guy’s been in the dark for so long. I’m going to have to figure out a way to tune him out while I’m posting here. It’s hard to hold a conversation with an excitable AI and write out semi-coherent sentences.

Oh hey, I figured out how to use italics. Sweet. 

Hold on— something coming through the police blotter.

Nevermind, just some normal chatter. Got to find a way to filter what comes directly into my head still. Something will come to me, eventually.

I also have to remember to alter the voice from an Australian accent to something more authoritarian. Sylvester Stallone maybe? Or maybe Daniel Craig?

It’s just so hard to take Australian accents seriously. I get a report coming through of a high speed pursuit with all those ‘mates’ and ‘good days’ and ‘how-ya-goins’ and I completely forget there are people in danger and immediately want to watch Crocodile Dundee. Not fight crime. 

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posted 2 years ago


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